Ready-made for sale

Some items I have already made which you can purchase from me.  

Handmade cards & gift packaging are available by order or by arrangement to view what I have in stock.

Cards $5 each 

Gift packaging $ - various 

scroll down to see Dishwasher Magnets also for sale 

Dishwasher Magnets
These are handcrafted magnetic labels for your dishwasher.  They are plastic laminated which enables them to be easily wiped clean and they have a magnet on the reverse side. 

Keep the appropriate label on the dishwasher and the spare one on the fridge.  Switch them over when the dishwasher gets turned on until it is emptied so everyone knows the dishes are clean.

Magnets: $8 per set plus postage 
various colours available - pink, blue, lemon, lime

Postage will be discussed with you dependent on your needs.  Most times postage will be equal to the cost of sending a standard envelope.

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