Thursday, 15 October 2020

Secret door birthday card

Yesterday was our youngest daughter's birthday and I made her a 'secret door' card.  Her favourite colour is yellow so I started by colouring the cheetah paper (another favourite) with an ombre look - darkest at the top down to lightest at the bottom.

From the outside it looks like a standard gate fold card...

When you open it up you get a hint of what is to come.  I left a blank space on the left side where I wrote my message.


Open the gate to go through the secret door.  Here's how it looks inside the secret spot.  This is where I added a sentiment to the card.

Did you spot the trick?  Can you see how the secret door opens? (spoiler alert below)




Keep reading to see how it opens.

When you're ready to close the secret door, you simple grab hold of the front flaps of the card (the parts that are decorated on the outside with the girl and balloons) and pull gently to the sides.  The secret door will flip closed and you will have returned to the inside of the card.  Clever huh?