Thursday, 2 April 2020

Card Challenge

Over on my Facebook Page I've posted a card challenge.  The idea is to make a card to the specifications that I've outlined.  

So that I don't put any pressure on anyone who wants to participate, there is no deadline and I won't be choosing any one project as a winner of sorts - it's just a bit of fun to keep us crafting and connected when we are socially isolating.  

Those choosing to participate will make a card and post it in the comments when they're ready to.

Card Challenge:
Colour: Shades of Yellow 
Orientation: tent fold 
Theme: Kindness / Thinking of you

When I say tent fold, I simply mean a card that is folded at the top and opens upwards - either landscape or portrait like these diagrams

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My thoughts behind why I chose these specifications:
After seeing Sara Douglas' (Stampin' Up! CEO) "box of sunshine" post online I decided on the colour yellow.  It's happy and bright and makes people smile (hopefully).  The theme is to reflect the current situation - with NZ in lockdown a lot of us are thinking of each other and we are being encourage to be kind to one another (as I think we should always try to be - virus or no virus).  Lastly, the orientation - I wanted something a bit different from the usual, without being too difficult for anyone wanting to take part.


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