Thursday, 19 October 2017

What is a basic kit?

For my classes and Extravaganzas, I often tell you to bring along your basic kit. So what do I mean by basic kit?  In your kit are the things that you use every time you craft and is often kept in some sort of case or holdall for you to transport easily.  Things that I suggest for your basic kit are:

Bone Folder - For burnishing* your cardstock to give a nice crisp fold and a professional look.

Paper Snips - A good quality pair of Paper Snips like the Stampin' Up! ones is well worth the investment.  If you use ribbon, reserve a pair of scissors for this and don't use them on paper as it may dull the blades.  I also like to keep an old pair on hand solely for cutting adhesives (such as cutting dimensionals in half) as the adhesive will build up on the blades.  To clean the blades, I use some eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad and rub the blades.  Then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Paper Piercing Tool - Pierce tiny holes in paper or cardstock. You can also use it to remove small or stuck pieces from Big Shot dies or die-cut shapes.  Also useful for picking up and adhering glue dots.

Ruler - I like to use a metal ruler and then I can use a knife to tidy up any edges that are uneven or not straight.

Pencil & Eraser - always useful to have on hand.

Sticky Note Strips - these are a useful little addition to your kit.  Useful for marking pages in your catalogue, writing yourself a note if you need to, or for holding cardstock when you are using a punch and the cardstock isn't quite long/wide enough to hold.

Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive - this is my main go to adhesive for most things.  It has a strong bond and dries clear.  It can also be used two-way, as a temporary adhesive if you let it dry clear before you adhere anything to it. 

Tear & Tape Adhesive - another highly recommended adhesive.  Very easy to use with it's tear-able paper backing.  Also a very strong bond, perfect for making 3D items and boxes.

Stampin' Dimensionals -  these add depth and dimension to your project.  Sometimes popping things up just adds that extra touch that finishes things off perfectly.  I wouldn't be without my dimensionals in my kit.

Glue Dots - Good for holding heavier embellishments or sticking down errant ribbon.  Also useful for poking into gaps when you have already stuck something down but have an errant spot that not's sticking.

As you build on your supplies I also highly recommend the Stampin' Trimmer.  This makes cutting cardstock a breeze with its built in measurements and ease of use.  It also has the ability to score cardstock which is essential for getting a crisp, professional look to your projects.  You will not be without it.  

If you are using a lot of Photopolyer stamps, then a Stampin' Pierce mat is recommended.  Using a mat gives you even pressure and ink coverage with detailed or background stamps

 *Burnish - 1. to make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish. 2. To rub with a tool that serves especially to smooth or polish. 3. To improve or make more impressive -

Some of the above Images (C) Stampin' Up! (R)

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