Thursday, 22 October 2015

Frozen Fever has hit

You may have seen a couple of weeks ago I posted my daughter's birthday invitations and I said I would post more Frozen Fever crafts, so here they are:

The first thing I made were outfits for the Girls to wear on the day.  Conveniently the birthday girl has blond hair and her sister has brown hair so Elsa and Anna they were. 

We wondered who we could dress as Olaf and then I figured it would be easy enough for me to make myself a t-shirt so I did:

Next up were some necklaces using Stampin' Up! soda caps (as they are called in America.  They're now retired product but I got hold of some).  I printed Frozen Fever images and die cut them with 2.5cm (1") circle dies. I glued the images into the caps and then covered them with crystal effects to make them glossy.  Hubby drilled some holes in the rims of the bottle caps and I added a jump ring and ribbon.

I put the necklaces inside the kids favour bags which I got the idea for from here.  I ended up making mine slightly different and drawing Olaf's whole face on the front.  It was super easy to do with our gift bag punch board and white envelope paper.  I found some mini wands from Kmart too to go in them too which was perfect.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo with all of the bags together. 

We played pass the parcel (or parcel the parcel as my daughter always calls it) and we had a craft activity for the kids to do.  This was a huge hit - they loved making their Sock Puppet Olaf's.  These ones were made with rice however we made ours with toy stuffing.  I made the feet with circles of white felt which I stuffed and pre-sewed onto the socks and I pre-sewed on the buttons. 

I also used our Tags & Labels framelits to make small tags for the kids to tie around the necks of their Olaf's so there was no confusion over who's was who's when they were done.  Here are the kids working hard on them. 


Just as we finished up making our sock puppets the 'frozen treat' arrived.  We'd booked a Superwhip van as a surprise which was a big hit with little kids and big kids alike

Lastly it was time for cake and pressies.  Hubby's Mum helped me to make an Olaf cake which was chosen by the birthday girl herself from here.  Being a Frozen Fever party we chose to have sunflowers on our cake instead of snowflakes and once we'd made it we decided we liked it better as the yellow complemented the blue so nicely.

We had a wonderful day and were really pleased with how it all went.  I hope you've enjoyed reading about all the things that went towards making it the fun and enjoyable day it was.


  1. Wow, impressive Kathryn. The party looked like a great success. All your hard work paid off!

  2. was a great day, very proud of my daughter and son in law, and my gorgeous 2 girls of course:)

  3. Well done Kathryn, awesome Mum to go to all that effort.