Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Annual Catalogue is here!

The brand new 2015-2016 Catalogue is live today and today specifically is also a very unique day - see below for details


To view the new Annual Catalogue click HERE or at any time you can click the image in the sidebar. 

Important Information re the Catalogue just for TODAY!
Are you ready to see what's in this fabulous new catalogue!!  Here's why today is so important

Tuesday 2nd June is overlap day - what does that mean for you???
  • You'll be able to order from the 2014-2015 Annual Catalogue ("the finishing catalogue"), the Occasions Catalogue, the Retiring List (all ending today) as well as from the new 2015-2016 Annual Catalogue ('the New Catalogue").
  • There are items from the Ending Catalogue and Occasions Catalogue (mini seasonal) which have carried over into the New Catalogue but some prices have increased.  Until Midnight tonight you will be able to purchase these items at the 2014-2015 prices!
  • You can select hostess items from the Ending Catalogue and the Occasions Catalogue only until Midnight tonight.  You can also select hostess items from the New Catalogue from today on.
  • Stampin' Up! are changing the hostess benefit program.  You'll benefit from the existing, extra-generous hostess credit programme until Midnight tonight.  The new hostess program will start tomorrow 3rd June 2015.
If there is anything you'd like to order please email me here or shop online from my online store here and take advantage of these TODAY ONLY DEALS.

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