Monday, 23 March 2015

What will you bee?

To coincide with her birthday (you might have seen yesterday's post of her birthday card), my best friend and her hubby had an afternoon tea with a gender reveal cake.  The secret envelope was delivered to the cake maker who was to make the cake either pink or blue but with white icing so the surprise was in the cutting.  Isn't it such a cute cake with all the little bees?

They are decorating the baby's room with giraffe's so I made an attempt at a punch art giraffe for their card:

then I found a very cute little onesie with a Mummy, Daddy & Baby giraffe on the front which was just so appropriate I had to have it.  I decorated this tin and rolled the onesie up inside it. It doesn't match the card but Hello Honey isn't one of my favourite colours and I much preferred the Pistachio Pudding for the tin.  A green giraffe might have looked a bit odd lol.

And of course the answer to the question you've been waiting for.....

Yes, its a boy!  Congratulations to them both.

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