Friday, 20 June 2014

Off topic

Thought I'd share my proud Mum moment from today for a quick off topic.  Today my daughter had her run/walkathon at school.  They had to get sponsors and do as many laps of the school field as they could in 1 hour.  Her teacher was estimating she'd perhaps do about 7 or 8 laps but she managed to do 11 laps in total - go Emma!

My little one (she is 3), seeing Mummy joining Emma for a lap (to try and spur her on to do a faster lap and thus get more done), decided she wanted to join in too, so she did. She was the youngest participant on the field and she managed 4 laps herself. 

They are not sporty kids, they take after their Mum with their love of craft, but they went out there and tried their very best and they had fun doing it.  We're very proud of them both (as they were of their own achievements) and even though Aimee was not an official participant we will sponsor her too.

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  1. Nana and Poppa are very proud too, and even Nana did a lap:)